Optimizing Database Access and Full Text Indexing for Large Scale Database Applications

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Optimizing Database Access and Full Text Indexing for Large Scale Database Applications. (with a focus on Postgresql)


webLyzard is a platform for the automated analysis of content, navigational system and interface design of networked information systems. Through structural and textual metrics, webLyzard determines success factors and uncovers weaknesses of deployed system by comparing large samples of Web sites across region and industry. Currently, the project mirrors and analyses more than 7,000 sites in monthly, weekly, or daily intervals (www.weblyzard.com).

Many current research projects, including AVALON, IDIOM, RAVEN, and the Election 2008 Monitor depend on accurate sampling of relevant media sides. Richer media data like pictures, microformats, and annotations put a serious strain on the database’s performance.

The goal of this work is to design database test cases and to evaluate how changes to the database’s design, configuration, and database access mechanisms influence the database’s performance. In conjunction with current full text indexing methods and database clustering toolkits these techniques shall pave the way for high performance database access and resolve current bottlenecks in the database configuration


  1. Literature review:
    1. Postgres tuning tips (configuration parameters, query optimization, database design)
    2. Database performance tests and metrics (e.g. number of transactions pre second, …)
  2. Design Performance Test Cases
    1. cover different aspects of database access (insert, update, select)
    2. number of clients/connections
  3. Database access methods
    1. python frameworks a’la SQL-Alchemy
    2. prepared statements (implementation in java and python; pitfalls)
    3. stored procedures (PG/SQL, PG/Python, …)
    4. full text searching (tsearch ii, …)
  4. Database clustering/distributed access
    1. skytools
    2. other postgres based systems

Starting Points