Incremental Database Backup

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The Media Watch on Climate Change aggregates, annotates, and visualizes environmental articles from 150 Anglo-American news media sites. From 300,000 news media articles gathered in weekly intervals, the system selects, annotates and indexes about 10,000 articles focusing on environmental issues, before storing them in a central knowledge repository, which can be navigated along multiple dimensions like time, topics, keywords, and geographic proximity.

The IDIOM Media Watch builds upon webLyzard a large-scale Web assessment and monitoring framework mirroring thousands of pages in daily, weekly and monthly intervals. webLyzard’s database comprises millions of documents, annotations and pictures stored in a PostgreSQL database.

Currently providing up to data backups of these databases is a challenging task. Due to their extend full database dumps are no longer applicable and backups using LVM-snapshots and WAL logs are very bandwidth, time and storage intensive, especially if transferred to other hosts and storage media.

The goal of this thesis is to provide a scalable incremental backup solution for large PostgreSQL databases, minimizing backup time, and storage requirements.


The goals of this thesis are

  1. overview: use of databases in data mining, e-marketing and information retrieval
  2. literature and web research evaluating:
    • database backup strategies (abstract techniques; platform independent)
    • implementations of such strategies
      • traditional approaches (database dumps, LVM-snapshots + WAL logs, etc.)
      • open source solutions (mysql, postgresql, …)
      • techniques present in commercial solutions (e.g. oracle & co)
  3. requirement definition for an incremental backup
  4. design & implementation of an incremental backup tool for postgresql
  5. testing / evaluation
  6. outlook and conclusions