Academic Event Calendar

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= Web 2.0 Technologies to Facilitate Time Management of Ad-hoc Communities

Table of Contents

  • Introduction
  • Time Management via Web 2.0 Applications
    • (Web) Calendar Standards
    • Micro Formats for Calendar Applications
    • Semantic Web Formats for Calendar Applications
    • Comparison of Web 2.0 Calendar Applications
  • Scientific Calendars
    • Requirements of Scientific Calendars (Roles, Event Types,…)
    • External Sources for Event Data (Mailing Lists, Web Sites,…)
  • Implementation
    • CMS-integrated Frontend for Managing Scientific Events
      • Input: Call for Papers, Notification of Acceptance, Event Data
      • Output: Visual CMS Calendar + External Service
      • Platform: Drupal (to be evaluated)
    • Interface for Exporting Calendar Data
    • Proposal: Automated Integration of Information into Micro Formats

practical points

  • demo application: drupal -> drupal module: “academic event calendar” (conferences, …)
  • import: google-calendar/sunbird, drupal
  • export to pda’s, mobiles

literature to start with:

  • web2.0 technologies (Tom Alby: Web 2.0. Konzepte, Anwendungen, Technologien)
  • calendaring standards (z.B. ical)
  • ix-artikel: web-micro formats
  • micro formats for calendaring application
  • existing applications