Firefox/Thunderbird addons

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A list of useful Firefox and Thunderbird plugins


  • Adblock Origin
  • CutyFox Url Shortener
  • Diigo Toolbar
  • Download Helper
  • FoxyProxy
  • Leechblock
  • Zotero
  • Zotero Libre Office Integration


Exchange Integration

Install DavMail a java based POP/IMAP/CalDav/…/SMTP gateway for exchange. DavMail translates between the exchange server and your mail client.

Essential Plugins

  • AddressBookTab
  • Display Mail User Agent
  • EDS Contact Integration
  • Enigmail - OpenPGP message encryption and authentication
  • gContactSync - syncs your contacts with google contacts
  • Lightening
  • Nostalgy - mutt like shortcuts for navigating thunderbird
  • Provider for google calendar
  • Quicktext - add standard text phrases to your e-mails